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100 miles from Donner Lake to Johnson’s Ranch across the winter wilderness of the Sierra. To track Expedition live starting Dec 16th go here.


Geek out on the Forlorn Hope with a day-by-day interactive timeline describing the weather, location, important landmarks, key occurrences,direct quotes from multiple resources and more. Watch this brief  video to learn how to navigate, then head over to our timeline here: Forlorn Hope Timeline

Bob Crowley

Extreme distance mountain runner

Tim Twietmeyer

World-class ultrarunner

Jennifer Hemmen

Wilderness and adventure team leader

Elke Reimer

Veteran ultrarunner, backpacker

Patrick Dolan

35 year old Patrick Dolan was born in Dublin, Ireland act 1811. He became A bachelor farmer where he met and became a friend of

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Franklin Graves

Franklin Graves was born in the Green Mountains near Wells, Rutland County, Vermont abt 1789. He was raised an authentic backswoodsman, hearty New Englander.  He

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The second member of the Forlorn Hope to perish was Antonio, a 23 year-old Spaniard. Antonio was born in Mexico. In April 1847, Lilburn W.

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Charles Stanton

Charles Stanton is regarded by many as one of the “heroes” of the Donner Party. A bachelor with no particular incentive to take extraordinary risks,

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