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To honor the American pioneers

On February 14th 2022 the Donner Relief Expedition will depart Johnson Ranch and travel 100 miles thru the snow and rugged Sierra following the discovered trail of the 1st Relief Party to reach Donner Memorial State Park by February 18th; the 175th anniversary of their arrival.

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100 miles from Johnson Ranch to Donner Lake across the winter wilderness of the Sierra.

More information about the Expedition here

Bob Crowley

Extreme distance mountain runner

Tim Twietmeyer

World-class ultrarunner

Jennifer Hemmen

Wilderness and adventure team leader

Elke Reimer

Veteran ultrarunner, backpacker

Forlorn Hope Expedition (2020)

Forlorn Hope Expedition, 12-20-20, photo by Keith Sutter.

Day 5: Team Update

Following is an account from Keith Sutter of the morning. You can view more photos on the Expedition Photos page. They had a brisk start

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Forlorn Hope Expedition, 12-18-20, photo by Keith Sutter.

Day 4: Peaks and Valleys

Day 1 was “Hope”, Day 2 “Forlorn”, Day 3 “Despair” and Day 4… Day 4: PEAKS AND VALLEYS  We traveled 21 miles in one day, it

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