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We Hope We Did Them Justice

Auburn Journal, February 26, 2022

Donner Relief Expedition Recap

Tahoe Silicon Mountain March 14, 2022

Relief Expedition - Post Completion Q&A

Sierra State Parks Foundation, February 18, 2022

Donner Party Relief Expedition

KTVN-TV Reno, NV, February 18, 2022


Donner Summit Historical Society, February 2022

Donner Party Descendants Call

The Team was joined by direct descendants from the Donner and Graves families, February 3, 2022

NEW: Experience the journey of the Forlorn Hope thru our Expedition

Watch video-shorts using photos, videos and storytelling to compellingly convey the Forlorn Hope story and Expedition.

Reprise of the Forlorn Hope

Sacramento Magazine, December 2021

Mile 99 Live Interview

Mile 99 Interview, January 19, 2022 Click on photo for live vide interview in Facebook or go here for audio interview:

Discovering the Lost Trail of the Forlorn Hope: A Tale of American Pioneer Legends

Presentation by the Forlorn Hope Expedition to the Sacramento Historical Society on April 27th, 2021.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING!: CA State Parks & Sierra State Parks Foundation Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

The Forlorn Hope Expedition presented a new "Talkumentary" about the Forlorn Hope and Forlorn Hope Expedition at the Donner Memorial State Park, hosted by California State Parks and the Sierra State Parks Foundation.

Retracing a Donner Party Path, Nearly Two Centuries Later

Atlas Obscuria by Erika Mailman 3/8/21

The Forlorn Hope Expedition

Nevada County Historical Society by Bill Oudegeest April, 2021

Johnson Rancho Project Moving Forward

Wheatland Historical Society, January, 2021

Sierra State Parks Foundation

Sierra Speaker Series - Forlorn Hope Expedition Interview - 2/20/21

Forlorn Hope Expedition

The Marker, January 2021, Trail West, Inc.​

Forlorn Hope Expedition

Road Dog Podcast by Luis Escobar 1/11/21​

Forlorn Hope reprise team to be featured on Mountain Minds Monday meeting

Recorded live Monday, Jan.11, now available online by Tahoe Silicon Mountain 1/11/21

Video Webinar: The Forlorn Hope Expedition

Donner Party Mountain Runners 1/5/21

John Oakley Show, Toronto, CN

Part 1 (12/15/20) interview by John with guest Bob Crowley regarding the Forlorn Hope Expedition

John Oakley Show, Toronto, CN

Part 2 (1/5/21) interview by John with guest Bob Crowley regarding the Forlorn Hope Expedition

History Trail Trekking - Forlorn Hope Recap

Trail Runner Nation Episode #504 by Scott Warr and Don Feeman 1/1/21

The 2020 Reprise of the Forlorn Hope

Donner Summit Historical Society Heirloom by Bill Oudegeest 1/1/21

Donner Party’s Forlorn Hope reprise

Tahoe Daily Tribune by Bill Oudegeest 12/15/20

Rediscovering America's Historic Trail of Forlorn Hope

Trail Runner Magazine by Brian Metzler 12/16/20

The Immemorial Journey of the Forlorn Hope

Moonshine Ink by Sage Sauerbrey 12/15/20

Forlorn Hope Expedition Featured

Lake Tahoe Television on Livestream with Kristin Miller Ferrell 12/13/20

Forlorn Hope Expedition Interview (Audio)

California State Park interpreter, Jeremy Lin interview of Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer - 12/12/20

Donner Party's Forlorn Hope reprise

Sierra Sun, Bill Oudegeest 12/11/20

Athletes Trace Lost Donner Party Trail

RN&R Editor Frank X. Mullen 12/10/20

Interview with Expedition Team Member Elke Reimer

Video by Keith Sutter Photography (

Trail Runner Nation Podcast

One of the Greatest Endurance Feats in History Episode 500 - 12/5/20

Donner Summit Historical Society Heirloom

December, 2020, issue #148 Reprising the Forlorn Hope - 12/1/20

History Trail Trekking with Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer

Training for Ultra Podcast Episode 152 - 11/20/20

Truckee-Donner Historical Society

Retracing the Steps of the Donner Party's Forlorn Hope - 11/14/20