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Discovering the Lost Trail of the Forlorn Hope: A Tale of American Pioneer Legends

Presentation by the Forlorn Hope Expedition to the Sacramento Historical Society on April 27th, 2021.

Retracing a Donner Party Path, Nearly Two Centuries Later

Atlas Obscuria by Erika Mailman 3/8/21

The Forlorn Hope Expedition

Nevada County Historical Society by Bill Oudegeest April, 2021

Johnson Rancho Project Moving Forward

Wheatland Historical Society, January, 2021

Sierra State Parks Foundation

Sierra Speaker Series - Forlorn Hope Expedition Interview - 2/20/21

Forlorn Hope Expedition

The Marker, January 2021, Trail West, Inc.​

Forlorn Hope Expedition

Road Dog Podcast by Luis Escobar 1/11/21​

Forlorn Hope reprise team to be featured on Mountain Minds Monday meeting

Recorded live Monday, Jan.11, now available online by Tahoe Silicon Mountain 1/11/21

Video Webinar: The Forlorn Hope Expedition

Donner Party Mountain Runners 1/5/21

John Oakley Show, Toronto, CN

Part 1 (12/15/20) interview by John with guest Bob Crowley regarding the Forlorn Hope Expedition

John Oakley Show, Toronto, CN

Part 2 (1/5/21) interview by John with guest Bob Crowley regarding the Forlorn Hope Expedition

History Trail Trekking - Forlorn Hope Recap

Trail Runner Nation Episode #504 by Scott Warr and Don Feeman 1/1/21

The 2020 Reprise of the Forlorn Hope

Donner Summit Historical Society Heirloom by Bill Oudegeest 1/1/21

Donner Party’s Forlorn Hope reprise

Tahoe Daily Tribune by Bill Oudegeest 12/15/20

Rediscovering America's Historic Trail of Forlorn Hope

Trail Runner Magazine by Brian Metzler 12/16/20

The Immemorial Journey of the Forlorn Hope

Moonshine Ink by Sage Sauerbrey 12/15/20

Forlorn Hope Expedition Featured

Lake Tahoe Television on Livestream with Kristin Miller Ferrell 12/13/20

Forlorn Hope Expedition Interview (Audio)

California State Park interpreter, Jeremy Lin interview of Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer - 12/12/20

Donner Party's Forlorn Hope reprise

Sierra Sun, Bill Oudegeest 12/11/20

Athletes Trace Lost Donner Party Trail

RN&R Editor Frank X. Mullen 12/10/20

Interview with Expedition Team Member Elke Reimer

Video by Keith Sutter Photography (

Trail Runner Nation Podcast

One of the Greatest Endurance Feats in History Episode 500 - 12/5/20

Donner Summit Historical Society Heirloom

December, 2020, issue #148 Reprising the Forlorn Hope - 12/1/20

History Trail Trekking with Bob Crowley and Tim Twietmeyer

Training for Ultra Podcast Episode 152 - 11/20/20

Truckee-Donner Historical Society

Retracing the Steps of the Donner Party's Forlorn Hope - 11/14/20